Jazz Shuttle

Sacem and AJC linked up to found JazzShuttle, a initiative to encourage French-British collaboration for creative jazz and improvised music.

This fund has been created to encourage the creation and dissemination of new projects. The aim of JazzShuttle is to encourage a dynamic cultural exchange process, along with an enrichment and expansion of the artistic dialogue between the two countries. In a preliminary format since 2011, this project is intended to encourage meetings between French and British festivals and clubs to promote artistic creations disseminated in both countries.

JazzShuttle participates in the financing and support for projects which have to comply with certain conditions in order to be acceptable to the fund:

  • The meeting of French and British musicians for a common project
  • The joint preparation of an artistic creation or a new repertoire
  • The dissemination of the project in at least one festival or club both in France and in the United Kingdom

This project ends in 2015 but could see daylight in an another form in 2016.


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