Who are we?

Who are we ?

AJC, the network of french and european jazz promoters

Gathered under a charter, our members are in line with claimed cultural and citizen projects, such as development of the audience, actions in poor districts and in rural areas, creations of new compositions, artist-in-residence programs, education programme, special rate…)

Therefore, AJC and all our members dedicate our time and work to the emergence of new talents, the creation of projects and international exchanges (Jazz Migration, welcoming of foreign professionnals, our various binational projects - French Nordic Jazz Transit, Jazzdor Berlin, etc) convinced that these different devices will facilitate the movement of French artists in France as in Europe and the recognition of European jazz to new audiences.

Members of the management Board

since June 2015

Philippe Ochem, director of the festivals Jazzdor Strasbourg and Jazzdor-Strasbourg-Berlin
Yann Causse, director of the Jazzèbre Festival
Pierrette Devineau, director of the Paris Jazz Festival
Pierre Dugelay, director of the club Périscope
Armand Meignan, director of the Europajazz Festival, artistic director of the festival Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre
Roger Fontanel, director of the D’Jazz Nevers festival
Pierre Villeret, buy prednisone online director of the club AJMi
Loïc Breteau, director of the festival Rendez-vous de l’Erdre