AJC have always ensured to work on different studies and surveys in the jazz world.
In this way, a study on the economics of festivals was carried out in 2000, and a survey is also in progress regarding the question of “Jazz” artists’ residences in France among AJC members. This desire is thus shared with our various partners.

Together with France Festivals, Zone Franche and Futurs Composés, we created the National Coordination of Festivals in 2009, with which we participated in Festudy

We also joined in an informal National Federation of Festivals to discuss the economics of festivals.

We participated in the working group, created by the Ministery of Culture in 2011 to discuss the french jazz world in all its componets.

We also participated alongside with 19 professionnals networks in « L’appel de Nantes », questionning the role and work that need to be done in the following years.